Two of the most important things when it comes to vintage motorcycles is safety and reliability. We’ve had customers travel from all over the country, just for service work. Even if you’re just bringing in your daily rider for new tires, it is important to know if everything is functioning properly and will continue to do so. Our process begins with an in-depth diagnosis, covering all of the mechanical and electrical functions of your motorcycle. We will be able to tell you the necessary repairs and estimate the cost so that you can decide how much you want to invest in your project. Vintage motorcycles can be unpredictable, there is always the chance of unveiling more damage or damage such as a slipping clutch that can not be diagnosed prior to having a running bike. This is why we keep you in the loop with what we find along the way and notify you of any hold ups that we may encounter. Our goal is to get your motorcycle back to you as quick as possible, without sacrificing quality.