With some of the highest standards in the industry, we enjoy taking an aged motorcycle and returning it to the exacting specifications as if it just rolled off of the factory floor, if not better. Our attention to detail is what makes us leaders in the industry. After many years of trial and error we are able to replicate each individual finish just as the original manufacturer intended. Every part down to the last nut and bolt is refinished to perfection rather than replaced with inexpensive aftermarket products.

Not only does the bike look brand new when we’re finished, but it also rides like new. Our engines are rebuilt in entirety, as if it were a “zero mile” machine. This means all new bearings, gaskets, and seals; as well as correcting damage such as cylinder and piston wear, valve wear, damaged shift forks, broken cooling fins, etc. We are experts in reversing decades of engine damage.

The chassis will get the same treatment with all new bearings, bushings, and seals. Common items such as tires, chain and sprockets, head bearings, swing arm bushings, wheel bearings and seals, and fork seals will all be replaced.
In short- nothing on the motorcycle, down to the screws inside of the handlebar controls, will go untouched.