auction inspection, bidding and selling services


Each year, we attend the Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas. This is a prime opportunity to purchase the motorcycle you have been searching for. If you are unable to attend, we can be your eyes on the showroom floor. You tell us what bike you want, and we will inspect any that are available to ensure you’re getting a bike without surprises. Our expertise makes auction bidding easy for you.

– Inspection Services

  • Inspection services on 1-2 motorcycles: $249
  • Inspection services on 3-8 motorcycles: $399

Prior to departing for Las Vegas, Brady will call to set up a game plan for the week. Upon arrival, he will be working as an agent on your behalf. Multiple inspections at the auction house can take place daily. We will stay in touch with consistent communication via phone calls, text message and emailing throughout the auction week.

– Bidding Services 

  • Bidding services on 1-8 motorcycles: $180

Let us remove the anxiety of phone and internet bidding, and save you money. We’ll bid on your behalf from the floor. 

  • Mecum registration to bid costs $200 ($20 Savings)
  • Avoid paying a higher buyer’s premium (On floor is 10%, telephone/internet is 12%)
 – Selling Services 
  • Selling services on 1-3 motorcycles: $349

This service is for the seller that is not able to attend the auction for themselves. We will assure that your motorcycle is staged properly for viewing and the correct lot number is assigned. Let us field the questions and tell the story of your motorcycle throughout the week. Perspective buyers will feel confident in bidding on a well represented motorcycle that has someone present. On the day of the auction we act as your agent when your motorcycle is going across the block. If it does not meet reserve, we negotiate any bids that come close. Lastly, if it does not sell, we can continue talks with prospective buyers until the auction week closes.