Retrospeed was started by Brady Ingelse to combine his love of vintage motorcycles with his skilled experience in restoration and maintenance. Customers come to us with their first bikes, heirloom machines, and barn finds to be faithfully returned to period correct condition. The restoration work done at Retrospeed is uncompromising, and has been published in Motorcycle Classics magazine, featured at the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia, and shown at the Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance.

But the motorcycles restored by Retrospeed are more than just visual art. Every Retrospeed restoration is thorough and complete, and the bikes leave the shop running as flawlessly as the day they left the factory, if not better. Comprehensive service and attention to detail make the Retrospeed restoration process stand out among other restoration shops. A graduate of one of the final classes of the American Motorcycle Institute to be trained in the unique aspects of vintage motorcycle tuning, Brady runs a shop uniquely qualified for restoration of classic machines. Our restorations can be invisibly upgraded to utilize modern technology for increased safety and reliability. Modern ignitions, re engineered wiring harnesses, and solid state rectifiers are a few of the electrical improvements available to make decades old machines run more efficiently.

Every restoration Retrospeed performs is an individualized process. We meet with customers to discuss the goals for each project, estimate budgets, predict completion dates. The condition of the machine, its vintage, make, and model will all have a bearing on how the restoration moves forward. Our wide experience among brands allows us to efficiently return Japanese, German, British, and Italian motorcycles to showroom condition. We keep in close contact with customers as the restoration gets underway, through sourcing parts, restoring engines, re-chroming, and matching paints, to ensure that the end product satisfies both the customer's and Retrospeed's exacting standards.

Contact us at or 262-483.5399 to get your restoration started.