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Retrospeed was founded in 2006 by Brady Ingelse, a native of Belgium, Wisconsin. Brady's passion for vintage motorcycles began when he acquired his first motorcycle, a 1976 Honda CB750 SOHC. It was 1994, and the bike hadn't run since the 80s. After a mechanical restoration and some miles, his appreciation for classic motorcycles developed.

Immediately after high school, Brady and his CB750 were off to Daytona Beach, Florida to attend the American Motorcycle Institute. He became a certified motorcycle mechanic. His graduating class of 2000 was one of the final classes trained in the unique aspects of vintage motorcycle tuning, along with modern concepts.

Brady proceeded to work for Pro Motorsports of Fond du Lac. He wrenched for them for six years, and decided to start his own shop. Brady maintains his passion for recreation motorsports at Retrospeed in Belgium. Many dealerships shy away from projects from the 50s to the 80s, but Retrospeed welcomes them in.

Retrospeed continues to grow. The shop met its goal of entering a restoration into a concours d’elegance at the 2014 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance, and Retrospeed’s prepped CB750 won the Historic Production Heavy class of AHRMA in 2015. The shop has broadened its expertise from vintage Hondas and BMWs to English bikes and Ducati bevels. Teaming up with local photographer Jeff Barger, Retrospeed has seen four of its restorations featured in Motorcycle Classics Magazine, with two making the cover.

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Retrospeed's Niche

Retrospeed is one of the few shops left that is trained to service motorcycles from the 50's to the 80's. Retrospeed focuses on restoring and repairing vintage motorcycles, including Japanese, German, British, and Italian bikes. Please see the services link for a list of makers.

Retrospeed will change tires on any bike. They will also service and maintain the following:

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